Your insurance company has a billing department that’s well equipped to handle your questions and process your premium payments. We’ve listed the phone numbers and other contact information for each company.

Hint: You can usually find out when you next payment is due and what your current balance is by calling the ‘pay by phone’ number for your company. For additional assistance or questions please contact us at Butler & Associates Insurance Agency.

AAA Billing 
Pay by phone: 1-877-446-9222

Allied Billing 
Customer Service  1-800-282-1446

American Collectors Billing 
Customer Service 1-800-360-2277

Badger Mutual Billing 
Pay by phone: 1-800-837-7833
Pay online:

Berkley Risk Administration (BRAC) Billing 
Get billing information 612-766-3000

Encompass Billing 
Pay by phone: 1-866-430-2916
Pay online: Click:Customer Care Center, then Bill Payment Center.

Foremost Billing
Pay by phone: 1-800-532-4221
Pay Online:

Kemper Preferred Billing 
Pay by Phone: 1-877-488-7488
Pay Online:

Hagerty Billing
Pay by Phone: 1-877-922-9701
Pay Online:

Harleysville Billing 
Billing Questions: 1-800-338-8301
Pay by Phone: 1-866-665-4992
Pay Online:

The Hartford Business Insurance Billing
Pay by Phone: 1-866-467-8370

Indiana Insurance Billing 
Pay by phone: 1-800-667-0608
Pay Online:

North Star Billing
Pay by Phone: 1-866-694-1827
Pay Online:

Progressive Billing
Personal Insurance Pay by Phone: 1-800-876-5581
Business Insurance Pay by Phone: 1-800-444-4487
Pay Online:

RTW Billing
Billing Customer Service: 1-877-482-1174

Safeco Billing
Pay by Phone: 1-800-332-3226
Pay Online:, Go to My Account and register then sign in

Billing customer service: 952-838-4200
Pay Online:

SFM Risk Solutions 
Billing Customer Service: 952-838-4430

Travelers Billing 
Personal Insurance: Pay by Phone: 1-800-550-7716
Personal Insurance: Pay Online:
Business insurance: Pay by Phone: 1-800-252-2268
Business Insurance: Pay Online:

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