Bill’s agency is where knowledge and professionalism meets. Bill has worked with us on every single step of the road, putting together the right coverage we needed in our business project. All the time, Bill wanted to be sure that we fully understand our need for coverage and he is always looking to present us with the best value and solution available. Thank you, Bill, and thank you to your whole team for the time dedicated to us.
Roberto Palma 1/31/2018

Knowledgeable, explained things well, gave me options, supported my choices. Whole appt was easy and enjoyable!
Martha DeWitt 5/24/2018

We have worked with Bill Butler as our hospital and work comp insurance broker for the last few years, and we could not be more pleased with his service. He gives his honest opinion based on experience about where our dollars will be best spent and about the types of coverage we need, and when there have been disputes with our insurance company he has gone to bat on our behalf.  On a personal level he is also enjoyable to talk and B.S. with when we have lunch meetings.  For these reasons he has earned our loyalty and I don’t foresee that changing, and I predict that other veterinary hospitals will have a similar experience if they do decide to work with him
Kelby Howell Practice Manager Blue Cross Animal Hospital.  3/26/2018

Bill is the most ethical and caring insurance man I have ever met! He brings integrity, service, and honor to the field, and represents the Army as a Ranger Qualified soldier well to this day. He shares his knowledge of business growth and development with me and adds more value than great insurance coverage. You want to do business with this man!
Pamela Cole – President Femi Corp LLC 8/25/2018

Hi Bill, I just wanted to say thank you for coming out and giving me a quote for insurance.  I really appreciate the time that you took to gather information and communicate with the underwriters about our coverage.  You really took the time to educate me on our coverage and give me recommendations for the future.  Even though I can’t make a change this year because we ran out of time, I will definitely have you come back next year.  We will allow extra time next year.  Thank you again for providing great customer service!
Sherry Foster Practice Manager / Owner Southview Animal Hospital  9/21/2018

I recently purchased a new home and I am in the process of selling my other home. The insurance changes and different policies involved are a very complicated process and Jessica at Butler and Associates has been an angel in this process. She is very patient and explain everything, even in different ways if necessary, so that I understand what is going on. In the past the associates have even contacted me ahead of time when I need an insurance change due to rate hikes. I could not be happier with such dedication that this company offers.
Ana Matos 10/11/2018

I was interested in finding a new insurance agency to meet the needs of our business. I had been listening to the radio and heard of another company. I called them and they stated they did not work with the type of business that I have, and they recommended Butler Insurance. Oddly enough Bill had stopped by our business and dropped off some information the week before. I contacted Bill and after our first meeting, I knew I would be changing our insurance needs over to Butler Insurance. My goal was to find an excellent insurance agency, to find someone who would listen to my needs, and to educate me on what I needed, to keep my business and staff protected. Bill met all of this and has exceeded my expectations. I look forward to a long healthy business relationship!
Dan Cederstom DVM Park Grove Pet Hospital 10/22/2018

I have been impressed with Bill’s honest communication style; he’s a good guy who doesn’t pull any punches. He strikes me as very knowledgeable and hard-working, and I have no doubt that he does his absolute best for his clients.
Heidi Brenegan Chief Marketing Office Animal Emergency & Referral Center of Minnesota 3/18/2018

Bill has delivered excellent customer service to us. He is always easy to reach, very efficient, and keeps the clients needs and wants at the top of his list. We couldn’t be happier!
Mallory Blexrud 10/24/2018

Everything was explained in detail – all questions answered.  Jessica is great. Cathy Rezmerski 10/31/2018

I needed help with my insurance and Bill exceeded my expectations. His knowledge of my business (Veterinarian) needs helped me save a ton over last year. Thanks Bill!
Sven Kohlmyer DVM/Owner Wayzata Pet Hospital 11/05/2018

My wife and I have owned our veterinary clinic since the late 90’s and have been in the business for over 40 years.  Bill is the knowledgeable insurance agent I have ever know.  When I met Bill, if I had not known he was an insurance professional, I could have easily been convinced that he owned a veterinary practice – he was that informed about our profession.  Bill is hard working and thorough as well as ethical.  I would highly recommend him for your insurance needs.
David Hermann DVM/ Owner Cleary Lake Animal Hospital 12/19/2018

My family has been working with Bill for years and now has worked with Jessica and Rebekka too and we couldn’t be happier with having all our policies through them. The rates and different coverages they find for us helps us save money and feel secure rather than buying policies online. Super trustworthy.
Bethany Aleshire 12/26/2018

We needed an insurance policy for our business fast!  Our business was moving into a commercial location and things moved very quickly with Butler & Associates.  We are a unique business and it can be difficult to find the right policy category to fit in, Bill and everyone on his staff found us the best category and coverage with a great rate for our business!  I would recommend Butler & Associates to any small business looking to grow or expand!
Chris Moen Owner Home Video Studios Bloomington 1/4/2019

First a story about BEFORE we were even insured by Butler & Associates – Several years ago, we had a big fire at our house (no one hurt) and our friend Bill Butler saw a picture we had posted about it on FB and was there in person BEFORE the firefighters even had the fire all the way out. He advised us on who to call and how best to protect ourselves during the process and he made a hard time way easier – and this was BEFORE we were insured through Butler & Associates. So naturally when I needed to find a unique insurance set-up for my business that also covered several special events, I knew who to call. Bill got in touch with companies he had worked with in the past and helped me find a great plan that offered everything I needed for a great price and it was something I could never have found on my own. Butler & Associates always goes above and beyond and couldn’t recommend them more strongly!
Peter Strom – Owner Uptown Swing 2/1/2019

Over my many years with Butler and Associates, Bill Butler and Jessica Spevak have been a GREAT partner for my small business. I feel like they really look out for my best interests.
Aaron Gelperin – Owner Gelperin Productions. 2/4/2019

My husband and I had never been treated so graciously. Bill Butler and Bekka Renner both greeted us in the office. Our proposal was typed out and explained in easy to understand terms. Greg and I felt comfortable, we were not forced into any decisions. The options were presented to us and we chose the best one. No pressure, just an enjoyable and smart presentation. Bill and Bekka did their homework. Thank you.
Greg & Bridget Kotek 2/1/2019

A BIG thank you to you and Bill for helping reduce my auto premium.  Together, you saved me a lot of money.  I appreciate your dedication to getting this issue resolved.  This is one of the many examples over the years why I have stayed with Butler & Associates Insurance.
Jane Scattarelli 3/5/2019

My agent was extremely considerate of my specific needs and very willing to continue working on customizing my policy until we have reached a full consensus on all issues. She was also absolutely fantastic in providing a comprehensive explanations to all of my questions and proactive with identifying the ways to make my policy less pricey but yet effectively covering all the essentials. Strongly recommend!
Natalia Krylova 3/7/2019

We are so happy to have found Bill Butler to help us with our business insurance needs. He is knowledgeable and helpful at explaining products which may apply to our veterinary practice. I am glad to be working with someone who is part of my community.  I feel confident that Bill will be there for us if we ever need him and that he is the right fit for our established St. Paul small business. Of course my favorite thing about Bill is how much he loves our clinic cat, Chou Chou!
Anne Brownlee DVM/Owner Grand Avenue Veterinary Center 3/8/2019 

Thank you Bill for all your effort and time spent to get the insurance I needed at a substantial savings from my previous policy.
Dan Soderberg DVM/Owner  Blaine Central Veterinary 3/12/2019

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