National Donut Day

June 3rd is National Donut Day.

By Shannon Butler
Getting donuts at a bake-shop brings back childhood memories of stopping by our neighborhood bakery on for special occasions on Sunday mornings. My family would file in a pull a number at the counter while my brother and sister wend up to the cases, our eyes carefully scanning for just the right treat. As a kid, I always went for a Bavarian cream or raspberry filled donut with a glass of milk. Nowadays a glazed raised or cruller with a cup of coffee is my favorite.
In the comments on our Facebook or Instagram, pages, we’d love to hear your recommendations for your favorite local donut shops, or see a picture of you or your favorite treat to celebrate National Donut Day.
If you want to learn more about the donut, Smithsonian Magazine has an article with a fun bit of history, and a donut related acquisition at the Smithsonian.

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